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About Me Hajdin K


 ...KoSoVaR fOrEvEr AND IM pRoUd ...





Real Name: Hajdin K Age: 15
Gender: Male Marital Status: Single
Location: Canada, Ontario, Mississauga.
From: Kosov, Fush Kosov, Miradije e Eperme.
 A Little About Me:

Hi, My name is Hajdini K and my nick name is Dini, Im 15 years old, Im a High School Student , I was born in Kosova, Prishtina but now I live in Canada,Toronto for 4 years.
In my future i will take an education in Webmaster or Web Disinger, beacuse, i love working with computers. Well that was little about me if you whant to know more about me sand me an email or signe my guest book and soon I will email you back , i hope you liked my website and all my work that I did my salf and for other people too.


Favorite Things:

Sports: Soccer, Hacky, WWE, BasketBoll.

Cars: Mercedes Benz, Corvette, BMW.

Computers: Web Dising, Chating, Webmaster, and more other things.


If you have any comments about me or my website signe my GuestBook or sand me an E-mail, thank you for coming by and don't for gat your welcome any time here.



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